Say Goodbye to Wet Stacking


Light loads and extreme cold can wreak havoc on your diesel generator. To perform at its best, your generator must reach a certain operational temperature – anything less hinders performance and makes it difficult to burn off excess fuel. The unburned fuel becomes a sludge-like buildup or wetness in the exhaust system known as “wet stacking.” Diesel generator wet stacking can clog the exhaust and aftertreatment system, requiring time-consuming cleaning and expensive repairs. Wet stacking can also cause permanent damage to internal engine components.

Doosan Portable Power optional Intelligent Load Management System (ILMS) solves the wet stacking problem and keeps your generator operating longer and stronger.

ILMS automatically raises the engine and exhaust temperature with supplemental heat, achieving the optimal operating temperature to prevent diesel generator wet stacking and ensure generator performance in light load and fluctuating conditions. Engine manufacturers require a minimum of 30% load on the engine for optimum performance. If you have a small load at your jobsite, the ILMS option will allow you to meet that requirement.



Automatically adjusts the engine and exhaust temperature with supplemental heat. No operator interaction required.


Delivers reliable cold weather performance by automatically adding supplemental heat into the engine block.


Eliminates downtime associated with artificial load-banking.


Prevents the threat of wet stacking, ensuring your generator performs regardless of load demands.

See how you can eliminate wet stacking, reduce fuel consumption and lower operating costs with ILMS technology.

"The Doosan ILMS is a smart system. I don't have to tell the customer that if you're only operating at 20% load, you have to turn this switch so it doesn't wet stack. Once the generator is turned on, ILMS operates itself."
 — Mark Pivirotto, service manager, Absolute Equipment
Doosan Generator G125 G50 Lineup

Doosan Portable Power offers ILMS technology as an option across its generator product line. With a power range of 25 to 400 kVA, Doosan generators are in a class all their own. 

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